3/24/17       FRIDAY  8 - 12 pm     


The “Midnight Mass” experience is an immersive “concept” event taking form as a dance party. While the exhibition takes a look at club culture past and present, the “experience”  looks to explore the future of club design further. What could these spaces look, feel and smell like? What will the role of art play, in forming these important cultural destinations? The experience also explores the ideas that underground club culture often flourishes in times of oppression, political unrest, and that the existence of these environments are acts of resistance to authority. We will be transforming the empty gallery space next to BLAM into the “club” experience featuring a dance floor, lounge and bar. 

Art by: Matilde Alessandra, Harriet Scott, Timothy Scaffidi, George Stuart, House of Cherry Bomb (scent), Goulou + Jaybara and Leonard Morane.

Sounds in accordance with the “Midnight Mass” Exhibition

BAILE FUNK (BRAZIL)  spun by Pwetty Gleesh 

TECHNO/HOUSE (BERLIN)  spun by N-amouR

NEW WAVE (NYC 70’s+80’s)